Hosted by Leo Honeycutt

Showcasing Films About Louisiana!

LFC will be embodied in two related venues. The first is our weekly television show that will feature segments about Louisiana film history and the industry, as well as interviews with local film makers and show their films uncut. The second venue will be our online VOD service where all accepted films about Louisiana can be viewed at any time, from anywhere.

Currently in acquisition, looking for content, going live in 2020!
Filmmakers get unprecedented exposure and get paid.
Contact us for details.

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A Introduction To How
The Louisiana Film Channel
Benefits Filmmakers, Audiencem Sponsors

A Sample Of
The Louisiana Film Channel's
TV Show With Leo Honeycutt

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The Louisiana Film Channel TV Show

Presenting The
Filmmakers • History • Professionals • Education • Films

This show will not only showcase filmmakers, industry professionals, and present educational material to the audience, but help drive them to the subscription based SVOD service, offering the opportunity for everyone to benefit.

The Filmmakers
Interviews with filmmakers about what got them into the industry, what motivated the film they made, and their views on the industry. New filmmakers, veteran filmmakers, and everyone in between, they all share their stories with us.

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The History
Discover Louisiana's unique and extremely rich film history going back to some of the very first films, studios and theaters in America. From the formats authorities on Louisiana film history themselves.

The Professionals
Interviews with professionals from all corners of the industry. Learn who they are, what they do, and what drives them. And in the process pick up tips and tricks to help you with your own career in the film industry.

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And The Films!

See the film made here in Louisiana uncut. You'll probably see a lot of great films you've never seen, but will be so glad you did. Short films, feature films, documentaries, sci-fi, comedy, musical, western, you name it. Louisiana's own filmmakers are doing it all, and with such talent and polish, you don't want to miss them.
PLUS the films we air will also be available on our streaming subscription service on demand!

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The Louisiana Film Channel is currently in acquisition and
is slated to premiere early 2020 and we look forward to bringing you
the most interesting films and stories the Louisiana industry has to offer.

We are currently accepting
advertising and sponsorships.
If you want to submit your film visit the
submissions page.
General inquiries can
email us.